Hi Folks,

Here we launch a very useful tool for all SQL developer and data analysist,

The main features of this tool is:

  • Use DBADashboard Sheet to DBA Analysis
  • Write your own query in Query Writing Execution Sheet
  • Perform Analysis on Analyze Data Sheet
  • Get Stored Procedure information in Procedure analysis Sheet
  • Save your own query to save time to write query always
  • Execute Saved Queries instantly in ExecuteSavedQueries sheet

Using instruction of this tool is as follows:



Click on “OK” to save DB Details.

After Open the DrXLDBA excel file. Fill the DB Details on Popup window. We can check the current login details at “Save DB Detail” sheet.


After fill the DB details, Read the instruction from opened “SetupDetail”sheet.


Execute attached “Run this script” in your logged database.

Follow the instruction for every tab (sheet) as mention below.

DBADashboard: This is the sheet where you can analyze your database or server.


Query Writing Execution Sheet: This is the sheet where you can write your own query to execute and fetch data from the database.


Analyse Data Sheet: This sheet can be used for fetch the data with or without writing the query, the first button “Write Query” is perform same work as “Query Writing Execution”, or if you don’t want to write query, just click on the buttons on this sheet you’ll get the desired table result for just few selections of dropdown list.


Procedure Analysis Sheet: this sheet is used for analyze the procedures by fetch the procedure information like procedure’s all parameters, parameter’s data types and length, parameter is passed as default or not, and also provide the crated date and modified date for the selected proc.


SavedQueries & ExecuteSavedQueries: This is the sheet where you can insert and save your query into the database, and use this query from the next sheet dropdown list.




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